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Vital Signs Marketing provides Fortune 500 level technology and methods to local small businesses. Your business can compete just like big corporations but at an affordable rate that will save you time and money. This is accomplished via proprietary Marketing Services versus custom Agency professional services. What does that mean?

Agencies provide very custom (and very expensive) professional services where you are paying for the time and talent of the people that work there. This is great if you need a very custom solution that is unique to your business, but it is very expensive (as it should be!)

Our experience is that most local businesses that we serve don't need - and can't really afford to pay for - an Agency to do custom work. They need proven systems at a predictable price that they can plug their business into and get results. We make it easy by helping you with the "plugging in" which lets you keep working on your business.


Vital Signs Marketing is owned by Dave Abrams. Dave has worked in the online world since 1994 starting out in website design and development, multi-media design, learning systems and custom programming. Previous to that he worked at IBM as an engineer.

He has a B.S. in Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a M.S. in Communications from Ithaca College.


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